LP - Levitator


Baby I'd be lost today
Like some wreckage from a hurricane
A castaway

You went and put me on a bigger stage
Made me wanna go and live again
Not afraid
I'm not afraid

Ooooh ooooh ooooh
I'll give it all to yoooh ooooh ooooh
It's in the way you love me love me baby
You lift me up and levitate me save me
Ooooh ooooh ooooh
I'd give it all to yooooooooooh
Cause every time you touch me yeah it takes me
To another world you elevate me
Levitator, levitator, you're my levitator, levitator

Like the legend of a pot of gold
A rainbow led me to your soul
All I can hold

You bring me to a higher place
And leave me in a state of grace
You take me home