mildrage - Armeria


I'm freaking out
It doesn't go well no matter what I do
I'm screaming out
because I didn't know what to do
I hate myself for being useless injure myself to escape
Then my body has worn out

Fell down
fell so cold and feel so dark dark
I realize I will die die
SUDDENLY The warn voice has reached my frozen body and heart

I'm here
We'll never We'll never go anywhere
Don't come to hate yourself
You are never ever alone
I see
everydays everynights you're here
Can you forgive me?
I swear I will never break myself

Wake up
Stand up
Right now
Before the flower wither
Wake up Why now
Stand up Why now
Right now Why now
You know I sacrificed myself

Your broken hand
What can you catch ?
Your tattered foots how to go front?

I hate myself
but you're still believing me
So I wanna show you that flowers bloom all over the field

What I fight for

What am I fighting for

You take me back to here
I'm living in the flowers
I never lose my mind because I got it